ECG Interpretation Testimonials

dr-s"I’m very pleased to be able to introduce to you Veronica Pedler’s course in Electro Cardiography, which she has now put together for on-line & hard copy DVD educational purposes.

Veronica joined our team at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in 1980 and later continued at Epworth Hospital, in the emergency department. The teaching has been done very much in hospital by hospital staff, but we have also had great help from organisations such as Cardiotute, which is run by Veronica, helping to teach people the basis of electro cardiography. 
Over 10,000 nurses & ambulance officers  have attended this course in-house over the past 25 years."

Dr Sloman

"I would like to congratulate you on the course I did at St Vincents  Hospital. I had spoken to Paramedics about the impending Mica course and was told to learn all my Drugs and have knowledge of 12 Lead ECGs prior to the cardiology section of the course.
I was recommended Cardiotute and here I am recommending it to other paramedics who would like to enhance their knowledge on ECGs. The course met all my requirements and was of great assistance doing cardiology during the Mica course.
Could you also keep sending me further invitations to other courses your company conducts as they become available. "

Regards Murray Kennedy 
Woodend – Ambulance Victoria

"ECG's have never been my forte which is why I attended the ECG interpretation course. Veronica possesses the unique ability to explain ECG's in a no nonsense and comprehensive manner, which has totally changed my attitude towards them. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course, learnt a multitude and would strongly recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a solid grounding in ECG interpretation"

Corette Hynes RGN

"Although having worked in ICU for several years, my confidence in reading ECGs has reduced over time. If only I had completed your course mnay years ago and much of my confusion would never have existed.  All of the knowledge that I had acquired in the past seemed to be brought together in a moment of "clarity". Thanks again, this is a course that I know will stick with me for many years to come."

Narelle Conway Registered nurse CPPD Intensive care United Kingdom

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