ECG - Chapters 1-3

  • CHAPTER 1: Electrocardiograph paper; Calibration & heart rate assessment 
  • CHAPTER 2: Simplified diagram conduction system; Normal & dormant pacemaker sites
  • CHAPTER 3: Isoelectric line; Wandering baseline

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ECG - Chapters 8-9

  • CHAPTER 8: Normal variants; Relevance of PQRST complexes
  • CHAPTER 9: Depolorisation/Repolorisation; Mechanical & electrical actions

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ECG - Chapters 10-15c

  • CHAPTER 10: P wave Sino atrial node Activation 
  • CHAPTER 11: P-R interval Atrio ventricular node criteria 
  • CHAPTER 12: QRS complex a & b The most complex complex 
  • CHAPTER 13: S-T segment Beginning of repolarisation 
  • CHAPTER 14: T wave Ventricular recovery wave 
  • CHAPTER 15: Rhythm strip # 1 Assessment guide

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