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Basic ECG Interpretation Course


Busy health care professionals can often find it difficult to make time for training and continuing professional development. Often, courses are run at set times which can clash with shift hours. It can be difficult to maintain theoretical knowledge, let alone practical applications. In some areas of practice, this can be a particular concern.

For health care professionals looking for a flexible and affordable way to upskill and improve their ECG reading ability, we offer an ECG interpretation course online. For the cost of a week’s worth of takeaway coffees, you can study and upskill in your own time and at your own pace, with a handy worksheet for practice and self-assessment.

Topics Covered

  1. Electrocardiograph paper; calibration and heart rate assessment 
  2. Simplified diagram conduction system; normal and dormant pacemaker sites
  3. Isoelectric line; wandering baseline
  4. Vector; positive and negative vector leads
  5. Localisation leads; Eithoven triangle
  6. Pathological Q wave; definitive diagnosis of AMI
  7. Septal activation; normal Q wave
  8. Normal variants; relevance of PQRST complexes
  9. Depolorisation/repolorisation; mechanical and electrical actions
  10. P wave Sino atrial node activation 
  11. P-R interval atrio ventricular node criteria 
  12. QRS complex - the most complex complex 
  13. S-T segment beginning of repolarisation 
  14. T wave ventricular recovery wave 
  15. Rhythm strip # 1 assessment guide

Cardiotute Montage

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